How We Design Landscapes to Suit Queensland’s Climate

With A Subtropical Climate, Here Are Some Major Considerations That Go Into Designing Landscapes for Queensland

The first step to building a home is first to understand the area where you intend to build it. The direction of the wind and sun, along with the building shape, are all considerations worth making before you start laying down your foundation. And since Queensland has a subtropical climate, there are a few unique factors that you need to consider when building your home. This is a quick guide to landscaping design in Brisbane Northside.

Different Design Considerations

When you’re looking to design a home that can fit the hotter climate of Queensland, you need an architect who understands the area inside and out. With a better understanding of the climate, the architect can focus on passive design. This design philosophy works with the area’s weather patterns and conditions to minimise reliance on things like air conditioners or fans. Some of the design considerations include:

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To keep the temperature moderately cool during those hot summer days, bulk insulation or reflective foil insulation can help. They help trap cool air inside your home while keeping the hot air out.

Texture and Color

The next thing that you want to consider is the texture and colour of your home. Smoother surfaces, paired with a brighter colour, can help bounce heat off the house. In contrast, rougher, darker surfaces can actually absorb heat from outside sources. Queensland has some very sunny days, so you want to consider lighter colours with a smoother surface.


Building materials for your home can usually fall into two major categories: heavyweight and lightweight. Lightweight construction materials can include steel and timber, and their primary function is to help the hot air escape the house as the evening starts to cool down. The construction and light colour create a smoother surface to effectively bounce back heat and let any hot air escape as the sun sets.

Solar Access

Access to sunlight without necessarily bringing in any of that heat is essential to the passive design approach. By placing shades at the right spots of a home, you can easily protect yourself from the harsher sun rays. But by introducing a skylight, a lot more natural light can get into your home. Now, you have a lot more natural light while keeping your house cool.


An intricately designed system of vents can offer individuals a lot more control over their internal environment. Hot air rises and escapes through the vents while cool air cycles in from the lower grates. Without proper ventilation, your home can feel stuffy and claustrophobic.


As for the orientation of your home, you want to focus more on northern exposure and breezeways. Keeping this in consideration, you do not have to worry about your home possibly being too hot or humid. Natural breezes will also help with the ventilation process, where hot air slowly moves out as cooler air comes in. The most active spaces in the house, such as the dining and living room, as well as the kitchen, should face north, allowing for better temperature regulation.

Building Shape

As for the building shape, you want to focus on a much wider floor plan to catch as much air as possible. For instance, square-shaped houses do not offer as much free space to move while also being less wide, giving it better insulation properties. On the other hand, houses with a more rectangular shape manage to take in more air and allow air to pass easily throughout the entire house. And with the hotter climate, a wider floor plan in the northern direction allows for cooler air to flow through your home.

Get the Right Designers for the Job

Considering the unique climate conditions of Queensland, it is important that your architect take the above-mentioned factors into consideration. From considering the breezeways to making sure that you have chosen the right construction material, landscaping design in Brisbane Northside needs to account for the area’s subtropical climate.

Luckily, our team of experts understands the area’s many quirks and differences. We can help you design a home that can effectively keep the heat outside and keep your home cool. So if you’re looking to make your dream house Brisbane Northside, we have the knowledge and skills to get you started.

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